You can review the details of a number of our recent North Carolina land condemnation cases below as well as on our North Carolina Land Law blog. Of course the specifics of your case will be different, but by looking at our past accomplishments, you can get a good idea of how we work, what we focus on and the problems we solve for our clients on the way to resolving their particular issues.

In providing this information it should be understood that neither the firm, nor any attorney, is suggesting that the results obtained in other eminent matters can also be achieved in your particular case. The outcome of any particular case will be controlled by many factors, including the specific facts and issues of law presented in that case. It should not be assumed from, nor do we intend to imply by the information supplied, that the results obtained in prior eminent domain matters can also be obtained in your particular case. If you have any questions concerning the contents of this statement, please contact our office prior to signing any agreement to retain the services of the law firm.